Arthur’s theme - European Restaurant

Arthur’s theme is the only restaurant in Pune which serves you Authentic  Classic Food from Britain, France , Italy and many other European Countries.

The food items served have European Names too after the great historians like Alexander, Queen Elizabeth etc. It is located in the 6thlane of Koregaon Park. While the place is small, it is still very much European.

We went out on the New Year Eve and enjoyed a quiet and pleasant dinner away from the hustle bustle of the city. The lighting was dim and was adding to the mood of the dinner. The chef is excellent in his job. Menu is carefully chosen and food is mild and
full of flavors.

What we ordered was Alexander the great (Chicken cooked in mushroom Sauce). The chicken was cooked to perfection and melted in mouth. My better half ordered Queen Elizabeth (Fish baked and served in served in red gravy and some herbs) and three small potatoes with some rice and salad which to my surprise, tasted even better than my chicken.
I don’t remember the name of the appetizer but it tantalizing. Prawns wrapped in thin chicken slices and cooked in some red tangy sauce. The cherry on the cake was tiramisu made to perfection.

I was wondering why I waited all these years to visit the place and what I was missing all this time. Now I have decided to become a regular. If I want to have a good quality time with my family and friends, this place will hold top priority.
They should start thinking of opening chain of restaurants in other places of the town especially one in the extreme east of pune and one in the extreme west of pune. I want more and more people to explore this joint so that they will be able to enjoy their unique spread.

Well, not everybody can cook like Arthur Theme.

Report Card:
Stars out of *****
Value for Money
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