Instant Dessert Recipes @ Home

Dessert 1 :

Ingredients :

Any cake broken randomly into small recipes
Some Crushed waffers/chocolate
Whipped Creme (canned whipped creme will also do)
coffee powder
Powdered sugar

Take big glasses
Mix icing sugar to taste, whipped creme and coffee powder
Put some cake pieces and place on bottom of glass
Put coffee whipped creme
Again place some cake pieces
Add whipped creme
Top it up crumbled chocolate

Dessert 2 :

Ingredients :

Crushed Digestive biscuits
Little Butter. Mix digestive biscuit and butter together

mix homemade cottage cheese , hung curd, little sugar and some strawberries and blend together (any other fruit of your choice which is found in season: eg mangoes)

Take big glasses. Put the digestive biscuits on the bottom
Put the cheese fruit mixture above it
Put some chopped dry fruits eg: walnut or pine nuts or almonds
Cut some fresh fruits and put on top of it.
Top it up with choclate sauce or hazelut sauce (nutella spread)


  1. Desserts look so inviting and tasty. Pics are wonderful.

  2. yummy........
    i will surely try this.