Bounty Sizzlers

Bounty Sizzler's is located at Kalyani Nagar and offers the best sizzlers in the city of Pune. All the sizzlers served whether vegetarian or non vegetarian is done very aesthetically. If you are not much hungry or have a less appetite, you can go for kids sizzler. If you are very hungry and have large appetite , go for large exotica sizzlers. You can otherwise go for the normal sizzler.

I found the place small but tastefully done. This restaurant serves some amazing Chinese dishes also like the chicken fingers served with coleslaw dip, fish fingers & prawn pepper fry. The Chicken Fried Rice is simply delicious. The portions they serve here is very much filling. 

Service is moderate and could be improved. You will not get choice of your sauce to select from to spread on your sizzler plate. The choice is vegetarian sizzler is limited as compared to the choice of non vegetarian sizzlers.If you are visiting on Friday Evening, you might have to wait for some time to get a seat. If your group is large, don't forget to reserve your seat before you visit.

Kulfi's at Bountys is a must at the end of your meal. They have about 7 to 8 different flavours of authentic kulfis to choose from. The sitaphal kulfi is seasonal and scrumptious.

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