Barbeque Nation

 Barbeque Nation now has 3 different branches in Pune : 1stat Kalyani Nagar, 2nd at Wakad & 3rd at Deccan.

The world is definitely on the grill at Barbeque Nation. Words fall short while describing the flavours that it offers. If you want to have a feast, want to celebrate someone’s birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion or just want to enjoy a good meal, this is the restaurant which should definitely come in your top 3 list.

If you love sea food, they offer mouth watering prawns and fish platter. Do not forget to order extra lemons to squeeze before you eat.

Even the vegetarians will not be disappointed. The starter menu keeps changing. The only thing that does not change is Cajun potatoes and mushrooms. They are simply finger licking. The more you eat, the more you crave for. 

The serving does not end till you put your flags down. But trust me, your stomach might be filled after eating 5-6 different non vegetarian starters followed by 5-6 vegetarian starters, once you are back home, you wished you could have eaten more. Please do not think about calories you are gorging in. Once, in a while you should live to eat. 

The food does not end here. This place not only serves barbequed food, but has an assorted plate of soups, salads, curries, breads, daals, rice & biryanis to offer.

People with sweet tooth will enjoy the pastries , cheese cakes , firni, angoori gulab jamun, rasmalai which is occasionally served , ice crème which you can top with 3 different sauces and to end with freshly cut fruits.

If you are visiting at lunch hours, you will have a complement drink. If you are visting for dinner, you will enjoy the live band and can even request them to play your favorite song.

Food lovers will come out with a content stomach, heart & mind thinking when to visit next.

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