Tomato Dates Chutney

Try the very famous Oriya/Bengali preparation of Tomato Dates Chutney aka Tamata Khajuri Khata .
Dates are rich in dietary FIBRE, ANTIOXIDANTS and the essential minerals POTASSIUM and MAGNESIUM. A diet that regularly includes low-fat, nutrient-dense foods like dates may enhance your health and help decrease your chance of developing many chronic disease.
If you are using meaty juicy dates and you don’t have a very sweet tooth, you will not even need to add sugar. You can replace brown sugar with Jaggery/molasses too. However, jaggery/ molasses generates some heat in the body especially when you have it in summer. So the choice is yours.

What You Need:

1 Tomatoes 6
2 Seedless Meaty Dates 10 or 12
3 Oil 1 tbsp
4 Mustard Seeds 1/4th tsp
5 Cumin Seeds 1/4th tsp
6 Fennel Seeds 1/4th tsp
7 Fenugreek Seeds 1/4th tsp
8 Onion Seeds 1/4th tsp
9 Fenugreek Seeds 1/4th tsp
10 Salt 1/4th tsp
11 Curry Leaves About 5
12 Brown Sugar (Optional) 1 tbsp
13 Dry Red Chili 1 broken into half
14 Water 1 cup

Steps To Make:

Heat mustard oil on high till smoking point.
Reduce flame and add all the seeds in the order mentioned above from point 4 till point 7.
Add curry leaves, red chili, dates, chopped tomatoes and pinch of salt.
Add sugar, 1 cup water and mix.
Cover and cook on low flame till water is well absorbed, dates and tomatoes are well cooked.

Enjoy this divine dish with rice and daal.


  1. Quits a delicious chutney, cant wait to try.

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