Oats Upama | Oats Khichdi | Masala Oats Porridge

Oats have become my recent fixation.
They are quick to make, healthy to eat and tasty to palates when you make a salty porridge.
They are also excellent to fill your stomach before dinner and prevents you from eating any other junk food.
I would recommend everybody to include Oats in your monthly Grocery Shopping. With the Quacker Oats or Kellogs Oats available so easily,I wish even the office cafetaria, hotels & restaurants start including it in their Menu.
Unquestionably, it is not going to effect their Budget in any way.Infact, it will be a good strategy to draw more customers and score more over their competitors.

What You Need to Make Oats Upama for 3 to 4 people :

1             Oats  1.5 cups
2             Onions  1 big chopped finely
3             Oil  2 tsp
4             Mustard Seeds  1 tsp
5             Cumin Seeds  1 tsp
6             Green Peas   1/3rd cup
7             Curry Leaves  5 to 6
8             Salt   To Taste
9             Green Beans   4 to 5 chopped
10           Coriander Leaves   1 tbsp chopped
11           Tomato(Optional)  1 chopped
12           Capsicum  1 finely chopped
13           Turmeric Powder   1/2 tsp
14           Lemon Juice  less than 1/2 lime
15           Hing  1 tsp

Steps To Make:

Dry roast oats for 2 minutes on low. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a pan.
Add Hing. Add Mustards seeds and allow to splutter.
Add cumin seeds, green chilies and curry leaves.
Add onions and cook till it turns brown.
Add capsicum, green beans and green peas.Cook for 2 minutes.
Add turmeric powder,tomato chopped and salt to taste.
Add oats and 3 cups of water.
Cover and cook till oats are cooked properly.
Sprinkle Coriander Leaves and lime juice.
Cook till you get the desired consistency.
Serve hot and eat hot.

Chef's Note:

You can also pack them for tiffin and lunch box.
Keep it slight watery than what you would like to eat.
This way, you can heat in microwave and enjoy hot masala oats in office.


  1. That would be a lovely breakfast. So healthy and yum!


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