Bunt Style Rava/Semolina Coated Bangda/Mackerel and Surmai/King Fish Fry

If you eat fish and are from West Side of India , you would be very familiar with Bangda and Surmai. Fish Lovers adore these two varities of fishes  and they are also very prominent because of the less bones they have making eat much easier to gorge than Rohu or Hilsa. You can make curry out of it or you can marinate with spices, coat with semolina and fry them. Eat them hot. They taste celestial. Surmai or king fish is very rich in Omega 3 and is highly suggested over other fish.

When asking your fish monger to cut Bangda or Mackeral, ask them to make deep cuts on the sides, cut the head area in 45 degree angle and clean it from inside.
For Surmai, ask them to cut in 1.5 cm thick stakes. The fish meat should be light pinkish white in color and if you press the skin, it should spring back quickly. That’s how you look for fresh fish.

What You Need:

1 Surmai stakes Cut in steaks
2 Bangda Use whole
2 Turmeric powder ½ tsp per steak
3 Red Chili Powder ½ tsp per piece
4 Salt To Taste
5 Lemon Juice ½ lemon per piece
6 Finely Chopped Curry Leaves 2 to 3 per piece
7 Oil For Marination 1/4th tsp per piece
8 Rava For Coating
9 Oil 2 to 3 tbsp for frying 3 to 4 pieces in batches

Steps To Make:

Spread semolina in a flat plate.
Sprinkle pinch of salt to semolina.
Clean each pieces of fish 3 to 4 times in water.
Marinate fish with red chili powder, turmeric powder, curry leaves salt and lemon juice.
Keep the fish marinates for 15 minutes.
Heat 1.5 tbsp oil in a non stick pan on high flame. Allow the oil to spread evenly on the pan.
Coat fish with semolina from all sides and spread on the pan.
Lower the flame. Cook the fish for 10 minutes on one side.
Turn it upside down.
Pour 1.5 tbsp oil again. Lift the pan and shake the pan gently it so that oil spreads well.
Cook for 10 minutes more.

Serve with lime juice and Julian onions.


  1. Delicious fish fry..Love it with rice!!

  2. Crispy fry tempts me a lot..

  3. I can finish it off within no time..

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. a new recipe for me. I havent tried it this way with rava.

  5. Yummy and mouth watering fry! Wish I could have some right now :)