Drag Your Fork Through The Classic & Decadent Pineapple Upside Down Cake

It is a joyful jumble of Classy as well Classic Cake which serves any occasion like baby shower, birthday, and anniversary, Easter or New Year. The pineapple and bright red maraschino cherries positioned on a bed of melted butter and brown sugar ornaments the cake so nicely that it hardly needs to be dressed with any kind of cream or frosting. Arrangement of Pineapple and Cherries does play a crucial role to increase the beauty quotient of the cake.

Though baking comes naturally to me, this one proved to be one monster. I had to try and try till I got it finally right. But , with every failure I learnt some very important lessons which one must follow if thinking of baking a cake. There  is no short cut to baking a cake . The basics have to be followed and followed precisely.  (these basics I will talk about later in the post)

And I must say, it one of the best tasting cake and also good looking I have baked ttill date. The colors are vibrating enough, the texture is moist enough and the taste is delicious enough  and the recipe is deserving enough to be tried and tested and tasted at-least once for all bakers.

You need to use canned pineapple and cherries for this instead of fresh ones. Brown Sugar is also must. Do not try to use white sugar. However, if you don’t have brown sugar, try caramelizing or browning sugar before you can use it.

And finally, when this baby came out of the oven, it smelled divine. Who does not like the smell of freshly baked cake .I had to be patient to let it cool down completely  closed my eyes and called my favorite God to bless the cake and then turned it upside down. Oh no…the cake was not coming out.. I tried tapping it.. Still no luck.. I was almost in tears and decided I would quit baking if this fails …I have lost it.. ..

Then I took a deep breath and decided to use a knife and tried to remove it from the sides..placed the plate on the mould and turned the cake mould upside down again..tried to tap the mould…and all of a sudden , I felt it light, the cake had come out…whole and in one piece..and this suddenly turned out to be one of the best  Mornings in my kitchen.

Yes, I have finally baked it and it looked so beautiful, I was almost jumping up and down virtually in my thoughts. And now that I know the loopholes I want to share the secret with you all for baking this amazing cake .

What You Will Need:

2 and ½ cup flour , Sieve it through a strainer. It is necessary to aerate the flour

2 tsp baking powder . Sieve it through strainer. Again essential to allow it to breath

1 and 1/2 cup brown sugar  + extra brown sugar for dusting

2 eggs

½ cup oil ..Used olive oil to reduce my guilt factor

1 cup milk

2 tsp vanilla essence

1 can of tinned pineapple

Some cherries

1 tbsp butter

Steps to Proceed with Baking:

Start with preheating oven at 180 degree centigrade. (Very Very Essential. Without it the cake would be a disaster)

Take a baking tray and melt butter in it. Sprinkle Brown Sugar and Layer Pineapple Slices and cherries. Keep it aside.

Now take a big bowl for mixing.

Break eggs into the bowl. Whisk with an electric beater or with a manual egg whisker. Its tough but will definitely help you tone some arm muscles.

Add sugar and oil to it. Beat further till light and fluffy.

Pour in milk and vanilla essence.

Next is the turn of flour and baking powder. This should be done in small quantities because if you turn all the flour into the bowl at one go and turn on your electric beater, it is surely going to fly on your face and make your kitchen dirty.

The batter needs to be whisked for at least 8 to 10 minutes through electric beater and if using hands, for about 25 minutes.

Pour the batter into the tray and bake the cake for 45 to 50 minutes at 180 degree centigrade. The cooking time is more than normal cakes as the pineapple , cherries and brown sugar melt and try to release juices which increases the baking time.

Do a toothpick test to check your cake is baked.

Once done, let it remain in the oven till temperature is back to normal.

Enjoy this delectable cake.

Additional Tip: If you got some extra pineapple slices, chop it finely and add it to the batter. before baking


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