Sitaphal Basundi : A Dessert for the Strong Hearted

This recipe is not for the faint hearted. Why because you cannot stop yourself at one serving. You just want more and more. And then don't blame me if you are 2 kilos heavier after a week :D. This is the season of Sitaphal. Please go to the store,buy and try this out next weekend. Its so simple and so delicious. I wish there was an easier way to describe the taste through words . There are few things left to the taste senses to be explored. I love desserts which have a touch of fruit in it and this dessert tops the list. 

What You Need:

1 litre milk
few strands of kesar
1/2 cup sugar
two ripe sitaphal deseeded
2 green cardamom crushed
Chopped Pistachios and Almonds

Steps To Make:

Add kesar to the milk .Boil milk in a pot to reduce it to half. Stir continuously to prevent burning.
Add cardamom and sugar.
Add sitaphal at the end. Boil for 3-4 minutes.
Switch off the flame.
Allow it to chill before you serve.
You can also serve with chopped and fried dry fruits.


  1. wow soma ,what a delicious dessert ...i love sitaphal but never tried its basundhi ...very new n interesting dish for me ...bookmarked ...when i will get sitaphal i will surely try ...thanks for sharing


  2. dessert luks yum dear,lovely presentation.

  3. Loved the basundi. Very simply explained.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. i love custard apple and this one surely looks yummy, new and different one...

  5. Yummy dessert..Never tasted it before but I am sure it tastes fantastic..

  6. Wow! It is fabulous and different!

  7. Never tatsed this before but sounds yummy yumm...

  8. New to me..sounds n looks yummm

  9. to have it right now....yum way to indulge with custard apples....

  10. Simply Delectable!!!! my fav..This is a perfect anytime of the day for me.

  11. Hey soma, came here through deepa's blog..loving your beautiful space here..with so many yummy dishes, i book marked some..have 2 go through some more :)loved your methi ke gatte recipe.
    basoondi looks delicious
    have book marked your site , will b visiting often
    take care

  12. first time here and you have wodnerful one dear.... love your recipes and this sitaphal basundi looks tempting....

    added urs to mine blog list...
    When you find time, do visit my blog


  13. New to me.Sounds really yum.Will giv a try..

  14. Chilled sitaphal basundi is good enough to tempt any one.

  15. That was delicious. How about if I boil the milk and sugar then add kesar. Please suggest.

  16. Hi Datta .. try making a milk shake instead. cold milk sugar, sitaphal nd whisk in blender. will be really yummy

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