Kadha - Ayurvedic Indian Medicine

Kadha , a powerful Indian Medicine to cure cough, cold, fever and throat infection. I wanted to post this since its raining hard in India and every other person is falling sick. Thanks to the Chilling AC in office which helps the virus to spread faster than usual.. This drink has great medicinal properties and increases your stamina and power to fight against the virus from within. And the most important thing about this Kadha is that it does not taste bad at all.
25-30 basil leaves (Dark brown leaves have greater medicinal powder than green basil leaves)
3 tbsp honey
1 inch ginger
1 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp lemon grass
2 bay leaf
5 cloves
8-9 mishri
3-4 cups of water
To Prepare:
Boil every thing together for 5 minutes on high.
Blend finely in a blender.
Strain it using a strainer.
Drink 3 times a day for immediate effect


  1. thats a good post and everybody can try the same.. good one soma

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  4. Hi first time here and am loving your page. you have got great collection of recipes. the kadha recipe is great. just bookmarked for my son.

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  9. Very useful....instead of going for medecine.....try it out.

  10. hey , nice that you posted kadha recipe. I know my grand-mom used to give us when we were small and its highly medicinal!
    That did not used to taste so good :) but i can see ...this one will.

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