Mango Pickle - No Oil No Sugar (My Grand Ma's Recipe)

Recently I went for a vacation to my village, both mom and dad side. I saw my granny after a long long time.. She has grown old and leaner and thinner. Don't know I will get to see her again..But I Miss her so much.. This time she gave me the secret to her mango pickle recipe.. which I am going to cherish through out my life. And to make all you calorie conscious people happy, its absolutely sugar and oil free which can still be preserved for 15 years.

Ingredients :

3-4 cups Raw Mangoes Cut into Medium-large Size
1.5 -2 cups grated jaggery (can adjust depending on how sweet or sour you want it)
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp turmeric powder

To be ground to powder :

1/2 cup fennel powder
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp onion seed

Roast everything separately, mix and ground to a very fine powder.

Method :

Mix salt and turmeric powder to the mangoes and toss it well. Keep under direct sun for 3 four days.During these 3 days,drain any excess water .
Heat 2 tbsp water in kadai. Add jaggery. As it melts , add the sun dried mango pieces to jaggery.
Add the powdered spices. Cook for some time till jaggery becomes little darker.
Allow it to cool.
Store in air tight containers.


  1. mango pickle is my fav, your grandmom's version is really nice, using jaggery is really new but sounds good and looks tangy & yummy as well

  2. wow..great recipe Soma..

    Kairali sisters

  3. Very different recipe for pickle indeed, glad you got to meet your grandma! :))

  4. Adding fennel seeds and jaggery is a new twist! This pickle is spicy and lovely!

  5. Mouth watering pickles..Loved it.

  6. Wow, Mouth watering. Thanks for sharing.

  7. A great recipe! Glad that you could see your granny :-)

  8. hi. Glad u met your grand mom and she shared her secret pickle recipe with you. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  9. Looks great but it's new to me, thanks to your granny for sharing her secret recipe....

  10. It's always great to share our family recipe. Thanks for sharing. And I am really surprised to see pickle with no oil. Love to try it sometime.
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  11. Really great recipe.. looks awesome.. thxs for sharing dear..

  12. Wav...Simply Great !!
    thanks a Tonn to ur Grandma & of course to U 4 sharing...!!

  13. wow - awesome one... i hope grand mom stays fine... I always get worried when i meet my old grandma too...

  14. wow, fantastic mango pickle. my all time fav..

  15. Wat a fantastic mango pickle,such a great recipe Soma..

  16. Glad that you could see you Grandma. With no sugar and oil this really is a nice recipe to follow.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  17. WOW...wonderful and delicious pickle recipe...that looks so tempting...feel like grabbing that bowl and finish in no time...slurp!

  18. Suma,,nice mango pickles dear i like this spicy mango pickles very much than lime one dear,,sounds great adding jaggery to pickles dear sure it will taste sweet n sour right...