Making Paneer from Scratch

Ingredients :

1/3 rd cup vinegar
3 litres milk
2 trays of ice cubes
Muslin cloth and Strainer

Method to cook:

Boil milk in a deep container.
Reduce flame and add vinegar.
Continuously stir the milk.
Milk will start curdling.
As soon as you start seeing the green water, add ice cubes.
This is essential to stop the curdling process and get soft paneer.
Strain out the paneer on the muslin cloth.
Hold the muslin cloth above the sink and allow all water to drain.
Hold it under running water and wash paneer properly.
Hang it to tap in the sink for about 1 hour to ensure water to drain completely.
Press the cloth tightly and put it in a plate and keep a heavy weight on it(Approx 5 kgs or more).
Keep it like that for about 8 hours.
The paneer gets a shape and holds tight.
You can now cut into pieces.


  1. Nice one, such a perfect home made paneer, never knew v should add ice cubes to get a soft paneer..must try it next time..thanks for the tip..

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