Classic Tomato and Cheese Sandwich

This is the most classic sandwich recipe  of all sandwiches and is still loved by everybody. It has the freshness of tomatoes, creaminess of cheese, punch of garlic, hotness of pepper and sweetness of honey. This cannot get any better. The best thing about making this sandwich is that yo can control the amount of cheese. If making for kids, you can go easy on cheese.

What You Need:

Brown Bread Pieces
Garlic Pods Crushed
Tomato Slices
Grated Cheese
Pepper Powder

Steps To Make:

Place brown bread slices on the plate.
Grind butter, garlic pods and pepper powder together.
Apply these over the bread slices.
Place tomato slices on the bread.
Spread grated cheese and drop some honey over it.
Cover with the second bread slices.
Grill the sandwiches by applying some butter on both sides.
They should be consumed immediately when its still hot.


  1. Thats a delicious sandwich, very new combination for me..

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  3. love thsi one.. I usually make the same way but donot add sweet corn.. will do next time.. cheers

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  5. Healthy sandwich to start a day

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