Kadali Bhaja | Kache Kela Tawa Fry | Plantain Pan Fry

Oriya Cuisine excels in low fat side dishes. Few minimal spices , salt and mustard oil when mixed with variety of vegetables and pan fried can give you some amazing dishes to go in your thali. Some even add couple of tea spoon of rice flour to give that nice crunch to otherwise vegetables turned soft when pan fried. The crunch is almost similar to one vegetables are deep fried.

Raw banana that is available in Eastern side of India is also different from what is generally available, They are thick and long making it apt for adding to curry and prepare different savory dishes.

What You Need:

Raw Plantain peeled and Cut into long slices
pinch of turmeric powder
salt to taste
red chili powder
rice flour (1 tsp for every 1 plantain used)
Mustard Oil to pan fry

Steps To Prepare:

Heat a grill pan and add mustard oil.
Heat pan on high flame  till oi reaches smoking point.
You need to reduce the flame to the lowest point.
Now wet your hands and mix rice flour, salt, turmeric and ricr flour.
Water helps to mix rice and plantain evenly
Place the spice coated plantain evenly on the grill pan.
Cook them both sides till done and crispy golden,
Serve them rice and dal.

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  1. Hi! never tried grinding onion and curry leaves together, sounds very interesting..