Fish-O-Fillet - My Version

Kids Love McDonald’s. I am not a kid. However, I am still passionate about Mcdonald’s and eagerly wait to try each burger/wrap etc which comes new in their menu. Have you tried the McPaneer Royale or the Grilled Chicken Royale. It is available only in India and is a treat in every spirit.
I give you below the fish-o-fillet recipe, not the authentic one but my version. It tastes equally better sans the cheese which makes it guilt free. I have used Basa Fish. You can use any other fish fillet of your choice. I did not have the soft buns. Hence, I have used toasted brown bread here.
A very simple sandwich recipe with few ingredients, which I prefer to make, when I have a busy week ahead and do not have much time to offer in kitchen.

What You Need:

1 Brown Bread Slices Toasted 8
2 Tomato Slices 1 for each sandwich
3 Boneless Fish Steaks 1 for each sandwich
3 Salad Leaves 1 cup chopped or as required
4 Tomato Ketcup 1 tbsp or as required
5 Pesto Sauce 1 tbsp or as required
6 Barbeque Sauce 1 tbsp for each Fish Fillet
7 Salt As per taste
8 Freshly Ground Black Pepper As per taste

Steps To Make:

Marinate Fish Stakes with barbeque sauce, salt and pepper. If you don’t have bbq sauce, use any sauce which you have at home.
Grill them on both sides till they are done.
Mix pesto sauce, tomato ketchup and salad leaves.
Take a piece of toasted brown bread, place some salad leaves. Put grilled fish. It your steak is large, cut into half and place in the center.
Put  a slice of tomato on top of it. Drizzle some honey.
Put the other  bread slice over it.
Prick a toothpick in the center so that the sandwich holds itself together when you gorge into it.


  1. Nice idea of using fish this way...looks so crisy and a nice recipe too....

  2. Yaah! Fish Fillets! Great! Apt for snack time!

  3. looks crispy and yummy dear..........

  4. Wow looks yumm, makes me drool. Looks delicious.