Sabudana Thalipeeth | साबूदाना तलिपीठ

Thalipeeth Is the most loved breakfast and snack item in Maharashtra. For all those who don’t know what thalipeeth is : It is small pan smeared pancakes which can be made of varities of flours like bajra , jowar, ragi etc and spiced with turmeric, chilies, chopped onions etc.  In one of the episodes of Master Chef India, I had even seen contestants using  Thalipeeth as base of  Pizza in the Innovative Pizza Round, a challenge thrown by the Judges Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna . Indeed, it is an interesting Idea making Pizza Healthy instead of using all purpose flour.

Sabudana Thalipeeth is one of those varieties available in the thalipeeth club. You can avoid adding onions and garlic if making during fast. Else, they give a nice crunch and punch to the pancakes. Serve them with sweetened curd.

The measurement given below will make around 10 thalipeeth. Since, they are so light and tasty, you can easily gobble 3-4 at a time.

What You Need:

1 Sabudana or Sago 1 cup
2 Boiled Potatoes 3
3 Onion 1 big
4 Garlic 6 pods
5 Green chili 1
6 Cumin Seeds 1 tbsp
7 Cumin Powder 1 tsp
8 Peanuts 1/3rd cup
9 Red Chili Powder ½ tsp
10 Turmeric Powder ½ tsp
11 Salt To taste
12 Oil For Cooking

Steps To Make:

Soak Sabudana in water for 4 hours or overnight if preparing for next day breakfast.
Boil, peel and mash potatoes
Dry roast peanuts and garlic for 2 minutes and ground to a powder in grinder.
Mash everything together to smooth dough as shown in picture.
Make round balls of big lemon size.
Heat a non stick pan in a pan and grease with oil.
Take 10 inch X 10 inch Aluminum foil and grease with oil in the center.
Place the ball on the center and flatten it with your fingers.
Make a small hole in the center. This enables cooking better and faster.
Lift the foil with your left hand and turn it upside down on your right hand.
Since, foil is greased, the pancake slides smoothly on your hand. If not, use your left hand to left the foil up.
Place the pancake on the heated pan.
Apply few drops of oil on the both sides and cook till done.
Serve with sweeted curd.