Ramadaan has started. I wish to post all Ramadan specialities this month. What could be better than Haleem. It is a highly nutritious Dish made of lentils and meat cooked together. Though, you can use whole garam masalas, I generally prefer the Ready made Haleem Masala which looks like the picture given below : I am posting this recipe on behalf of my husband who took the pain of standing 4 hours in kitchen to cook this very Authentic Islamic Dish.

You generally need the following to make haleem for 8 people :
500 gm mutton keema
1.5 tbspn channa daal
1.5 tbsp maash daal
1.5 tbspn masoor daal
1.5 tbspn moong daal
1 cup wheat
1 haleem packet
4 Onions, sliced and deep fried
coriander leaves chopped
ginger sliced
Lime juice
1 tbspn oil

Method to cook :

Soak All Pulses for 2 hours .Add all pulses in a cooker. Add 2 cups of water and cook on high till you hear two whistles. Switch off the flame and allow the gas to come out.

Heat oil in a pan and cook mutton for 10 minutes till tender. Add the cooked pulses to the pan. Add the Haleem mix.
Add 1 cup water more and cook for 20 minutes on low flame.
Blend the mixture in a grinder till it becomes a smooth. You can blend the mixture in small batches.
Add the mixture back to pan and add 2 cups of water.
Cook again for 30 minutes.
Serve with Golden Fried Onion slices, coriander, ginger and lime juice

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