Poran Poli

Poran Poli, is a maharashtrian festival food. This is made of channa daal and jaggery specially during festive seasons. Since, Ganesh chatturthi is coming, we will see more of this in every maharashtrian family. People use special instruments for making the daal-gud paste. However, you can also do without it. They are sweet paratha of wheat of maida stuffed with daal-gud paste.

1 cup channa daal
½ cup gud (jaggery)
½ tsp salt
Method to cook:
Pressure cook channa daal along with 1.5 cups of water till you hear one whistle.
Switch off the flame and allow the gas to come out.
Drain off excess water and grind to a fine paste with Gud and Salt.
Heat a non stick pan and cook the mixture till the mixture becomes dry.
Allow the mixture to cool.
Knead atta to make a smooth dough.
Take a portion of dough, stuff with channa daal paste and roll out to make fine chappatis.
Cook each side of paratha on tawa adding ghee both sides.
Serve with hot Milk or Amti

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