Fish Biryani or Fish Pulao in Clay Pot - South Indian Style with Coconut Milk

Since, Argentina Fans( including me ) kept saying what the fish and my hubby being a Germany Fan, the World Cup Finale 2014 tempo is rising every moment and I ,therefore, decided to write about my love affair to distract myself from all the stress.

Sounds Fishy...?  I have always loved Biryani and have a special room for them in my World of Food.. Being a hard core fish fan, I decided to make fish biryani this time. Fishes can be delicate to handle and you must know your fish well if making this dish. If you are not too sure, be safe with Surmai or King Fish.

I have used Basa Fish Fillets for the one pot meal. Basa is extremely high in Omega 3. Using fillets makes it bone free as I don’t want a bones and rice messi concoction as the final product. Somehow Basa smells least fishy making it actually smell like biryani rather than fish.

Unfortunately, the cats have a powerful sense of smell when it comes to fish and are easily attracted even from miles away. So every time I prepare fish, I have a hard time warding them off. All my Indian friends who stay on ground floor can relate to my plight..

Anyways, coming back to the recipe, I have used home made biryani mix.I have used grated coconut and coconut milk both. So read the recipe which I have slowed cooked in a clay pot on gas stove. You can use normal flat non stick pan to prepare this delicacy.

What You Need for the Biryani mix:

1                    Grated Coconut ½ cup
2                    Cumin seeds     ½ tsp
3                    Coriander seeds ½ tsp
4                    Fennel Seeds    ½ tsp
5                    Curry Leaves    4 to 5
6                    Onions chopped                  1
7                    Garlic chopped 5 to 6
8                    Dry Red Kashmiri Chili        3 to 4
9                    Green Cardamom                 2
10               Cloves    2
11               Whole black pepper    3
12               Oil                    2 tsp

Steps to Prepare:

Heat oil in a small pan.
Cook onions and garlic till they turn brown.
Add the rest of the ingredients. Fry for a minute .
Add it to cool down. Grind to a fine paste in grinder.
Add water is needed to get a smooth consistency.

Other Ingredients:

1                    Basa Fish 500 grams
2                    Rice        3 cups
3                    Salt         To Taste
4                    Sugar      1 tbsp
5                    Oil          2 tbsp
6                    Mint leaves chopped   2 tbsp
7                    Green chili chopped    2 tbsp
8                    Bay Leaves       3
9                    Green Cardamom       3
10               Cloves    3
11               Cinnamon Stick         1
12               Mace      1
13               Lemon Juice     1 tbsp
14               Curd       ½ cup
15               Tomato Chopped        1
16               Onion cut into Julians          3
17               Thick Coconut milk     1/4th cup

Steps to make Biryani

Marinate fish with the biryani mix, curd, tomatoes, salt, sugar and lemon juice.
Heat oil in clay pot.
Add the whole dry spices.Add onions and cook till it turns brown.
Add rice and cook till rice is well coated with oil.
Add fish along with marination.
Add mint leaves.
Add 1 cup water and 1/4th cup coconut milk.
Cover and cook till rice is well done. Add more water if required if your rice is uncooked.

Serve hot with boondi raita.

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