Chicken Wraps

I and Imroz were once invited by one of my colleague for dinner. We were a bit surprised since when did Bachelors invited couples for dinners. The menu was awesome.
I gave up. I always fought with men that Women and better cooks. Imroz himself is a great cook and is the inspiration behind my cooking.

He had made Chicken Wraps and Strawberry Shake. I had never had such amazing wraps earlier. And I will have to mention the fact that the dish was his own invention. He used Malaysian Parathas for the recipe. I generally use normal wheat wraps as Malaysian parathas should be consumed only on special occasions considering the amount of butter used while preparing them.

Well you need the following ingredients to make the wraps :

400 gms chicken breast
1 packet Parampara Hyderabadi Chicken Curry Ready to Cook Masala
Frozen Malaysian Parathas thawed/ Wheat tortillas/ Normal Roti
1 egg for each wrap
1/2 cup vinegar
2 green chili chopped
2 big onions chopped
2 table spoon chopped coriander leaves
Ghee for cooking wraps

Method to cook :

1. Dip chilies in vinegar and keep aside.
2. Mix onion and coriander. Keep aside.
3. Cook chicken in ready to cook masalas as given in the instruction behind the packet. However, make sure you dry up the chicken completely.
4. Take each wrap in a flat pan. Add a little butter on each side. Crack one egg , beat with a pinch of salt and pepper powder and pour it on one side or wrap only.
Make sure the egg is spread evenly. Now turn the wrap upside down and allow the egg to cook completely. This should be done on low flame to prevent the eggs from burning.
This will also make sure that the wraps are cooked properly.
5.Take the wrap with cooked eggs facing you. Place 3 tsp of cooked chicken. Add a layer of Onion and Coriander mix. Pour a little Vinegar and green chili above it. Wrap with Butter paper and Silver Foil.
6.You can avoid the egg portion of it if you wish.

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