Chawal ki Kheer | Indian Rice Milk Pudding | Chaula Khiri

The CPC or the Community Partnership Campaign for 2014 has started and employees in our Company specially the Freshers and Training Associates are more than excited to take part in this campaign. Seeing their enthusiasm and positive spirit, I can see that it is going to be a huge success this time. It is also nice to see the young fresh graduates who have just entered the new world of Professional World willing to do so much for the society. The future is in good hands.

There are a number of programs/events going on in the company at present.

Food Mela is one such CPC Event in which Volunteers targeted to feed 200-250 employees and the funds raised from it would be used for deserving causes such as child education, organizing field trips for children from orphanages and celebrating Diwali/Christmas with the orphanage children.

The first food was on last Wednesday and The Menu was ‘Dhaba De Punjab’ . There were many items on the spread and kheer was chosen for dessert. I decided to take part in the first event and hence took the responsibility of kheer along with few other volunteers. We decided, we shall make the preparation of 50 people. So, if we are 5 people making Kheer, it would be sufficient to cater to 250 people on the main day. We all are not used to making food in bulk and it was actually a big task for us. I was pretty nervous on the main day. The kheer took a lot of patience and end result was superb. I saved some for my hubby since he had taken the effort to go to shop and get all ingredients for me. He loves Kheer with Puri. Early morning after my Kheer was ready and cooled, I set out to fry some Hot Pooris for him. He got up to get surprised and was more than happy to see his favourite breakfast ready.

Ready to go

Since, I made it in bulk, I will give out the proportion so it will be easy for all if somebody wishes to make it for any special occasion like Puja or any other main function.

What You Need:

5 liter Milk
3 cups Sugar
6-7 cardamom..
1 and ½ half cup Basmati Rice soaked overnight and coarsely ground. This will speeden the cooking process. And also, many people don’t like eating whole rice in Kheer.
1 tin of condensed milk
1 cup cashew
1 cup raisins
½ cup ghee for frying

Steps For Making:

In a heavy bottom thick Handi or Pan, add milk and cardamom.
Once milk is hot, add rice to it.
Cook on medium to low flame. Stir every 5 minutes so the rice do not stick to the bottom.
Let it reduce till it reach 4 litre.
Add sugar to it.
Heat ghee or clarified butter in a separate pan.
Add Cashew. Fry till golden.Take it out.
Add raisins and fry. Be careful as raisins can burn fast.
Add the dry fruits to the Kheer.
Finally, empty the condensed milk to the kheer.
It will thicken immediately and color will slightly change.
Switch off flame and let it cool down.

I was lucky that I had such a big vessel in my home. First timers, try out with a small batch first.

4 and ½ cups milk + 1/4th cup coarsely ground basmati rice + 1 cup sugar + 2 cardamom + fried cashew nuts . Boil on a low flame for 30 minutes. You will get yummy kheer for 4 to 5 people.
Serve chilled Kheer with Hot Pooris.

Next Wednesday , it will be fresh Menu and new Volunteers will be gearing up to make a new meal from a different region.