Poha - A healthy Indian Breakfast

Poha is a very common Indian breakfast. It is equally healthy because poha or flattened rice is digested hard and thereby keeping your stomach full for a long time. The recipe given below is one of the best method to prepare poha and is very similar to the one you will eat in Central part of India. Start your day with this healthy breakfast and have a great day ahead.

What you need:

1 poha or flattened rice 2 tea cups
2 Peanuts Dec-15
3 Onions – cut into julians 2 big size – 1 for cooking and 1 for garnishing
4 Potato – peeled and chopped 1 small
5 Green Chilis chopped 2
6 Curry Leaves 06-Jul
7 Coriander leaves ½ cup chopped
8 Cumin Seeds or Jira 1 tsp
9 Mustard Seeds` 1 tsp
10 Fennel Seeds ½ tsp
11 Salt To Taste
12 Sugar 1 tsp
13 Nylon Sev For Garnishing
14 Sunflower Oil 2 tbsp
15 Turmeric Powder 1 tsp
16 Hing 1 pinch
17 Lemon 1

Steps to Make:

·   Heat oil in deep kadai.
·   Once oil is hot, add the whole peanuts till it turns dark pink.
·   Remove from oil and keep aside.
·   Check poha if they are soft enough. They should not be sticky and should stand apart. If you think it is still crunchy, sprinkle little water and mix gently.
·   In the same hot oil, add hing, turmeric(haldi) powder, mustard seeds, cumin seeds curry leaves and chopped green chilis in the same order . As the seeds start spluttering, add the chopped onions and allow it to cook.
·   When you see the onions start turning pink, add the potatoes. Add a pinch of salt so you allow the potatoes to cook fast.
·   When the onion and potatoes are cooked well, add poha and mix gently. Add Salt and Sugar to taste and mix well. Cover the lid and allow the poha to cook for 1 minute.
·  Open the lid , add coriander leaves and mix gently.
·  Switch of the flame and squeeze juice of 1 lemon.

·  Serve in a plate, garnish with peanuts, chopped onions and nylon sev. Add tomato ketchp if you require extra tang.

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